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Annoying Memes #1

Those of us who use Facebook or other forms of social media will all have at least one friend that shares the most inane, annoying memes. Whether it is bullshit inspirational quotes or 9/11 conspiracy nonsense. For this series of blog posts I am going to post the most annoying memes that I come across and rant about why they annoy me. Because why not. I figured there are enough annoying memes out there to cater for a lifetime’s worth of blog posts… So without further a do here’s the first meme:



I don’t even really understand this sentence, so I’m going to try to break it down. The preface ‘I believe that’ would to me indicate that the following statement is an opinion. So essentially it says “in my opinion God is real and not a matter of opinion.” What do you fucking mean by that?

If we cut the first line, we just get a baseless assertion. ‘God is fact, not an opinion’. That is demonstrably untrue. A fact is something that we can repeatedly verify with experiments and evidence. We have nothing of the sort when it comes to the existence of God. Ergo the existence of God is a matter of belief and opinion. You fucking demonstrate that with your preface!

What this boils down to is someone asserting that they believe their opinions to be factual. Everyone believes that! It doesn’t make them not opinions! I BELIEVE THAT MY OPINIONS ARE FACTS AND NOT OPINIONS! Bloody well done! Next week we congratulate someone for being able to speak their own language!

Just stop it okay? Stop wasting graphic design skills on making such shite. Stop sharing such shite. Whilst you’re at it maybe stop allowing yourself to have access to the internet. Thank you.