Don’t laugh, this is serious

The child sex abuse scandals that, if I may channel Th1sWasATriumph for a moment, are currently pounding the Catholic Church in the arse* are no laughing matter. This sort of institutionalized rape is an abomination of the worst kind and if the real world actually mattered at all to the Pope and the Popettes then they would be stringing up the perpetrators by their little bishops in Vatican square.


But still even in the midst of such a sickening story unintentional humour can be found. For example take a recent article from the Times Online website about the effect of the scandal in Germany. The article is fairly well written but I can’t help but feel that they could have found a more appropriately named journalist to write it.


Ah I did laugh. Anyway I promise my next post will have a bit more substance than this one.


* I was so tempted to use the “Impacted by Jesus” line here but managed to control the urge.

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