Introducing My Face

Some of you may know me. I imagine that significantly larger numbers do not, so:


I’m Th1sWasATriumph. I’m an atheist, scientific pantheist and secular humanist, and my videos and musings tend to be on religion – specifically, how ridiculous it is, and how its exalted position in society can and should be challenged. I view religion, along with various related and unrelated pseudosciences and supernatural\paranormal beliefs, as at best misleading and at worst openly destructive and divisive.

I’m a moderator on this very forum, which is all very shiny – sort of like a tarnished sheriff’s badge I can flash at people whose seats I want to occupy. I have no real problem using my powers for evil. As for Youtube, well, TAKE THISĀ

My other passion is space, although I got into it pretty recently so my knowledge on the subject is bleak. I’m fascinated by the nebulous reality of very very big things a very very long way off, though I sometimes think that if I ever truly comprehended the scale of the universe my mind would simply implode, Lovecraft-style.

I’m also a musician\composer, primarily guitar-based. My music tends to be about the 80s and is completely unrelated to science, atheism or religion. It does, however, rock your face.

Common initial responses to me in conversation:

OMG you haf quote portal/I’m making a note here: huge success/Can I call you by your acronym?

Believe me, you can say nothing to me that hasn’t been said by wiser people in bigger fonts. Stop it.

I can name-drop the mighty AndromedasWake with legitimacy, as I appeared in his music video and he lent his voice to a couple of mine. Such company to keep. We’ll be blitzing TAM later on this year in League shirts and supercilious smiles.

Finally, give some kind of virtual handshake to CosmicSpork, whose digital mastery is the sticky web holding this whole shebang together. I find that looking directly at my monitor is impossible; the awesome can only be ingested in small portions. Any more than that and the world would crack in half like a clump of soil, spilling us all screaming into the core of space.

Stay tuned for musings of greater or lesser worth.

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