What are you doing this 4th July?

Well, the chances are that if you’re a born and bred ‘Merican, you’re celebrating your independence from the fabulous First British Empire – who go on to have many sexy parties you’re not invited to by the way – but for the rest of you, no excuse!

League of Reason Show episode 3 is taking place with a substitute panelist by the name of ZOMGitsCriss (who is that anyway?) as DonExodus2 will be disgracing himself in public somewhere with the aid of alcohol.

I can’t promise our discussions will be any more sober, as this week’s topic (oh, that’s a new feature recommended by you!) is: Are there any good reasons to believe in a god?

There will be no Atheist Experience this week, so we may run over if people are still keen. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, we’ll be back to full capacity. To those who are able and willing to make it, we very much look forward to seeing you there!

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