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An amusing article in today’s Metro (for people living in the wrong part of the planet, the Metro is a free daily newspaper given to commuters on the London Underground in an attempt to minimise casual violence).

“Guzzling down bottles of cola can cause muscle paralysis or even potentially fatal heart conditions, doctors warn.”

The cited example was a woman who “drank more than three litres of cola a day for six years”.

Now, whilst we all know that sugary stuff can fool with your teeth, getting paralysed by coke is a bit of a new one . . . but I really can’t see why people are surprised when they drink 3 litres a day. That was their representative case study? Someone too lazy or stupid to know what the hell she was doing? Well, I’m sure if I ate three litres of beans a day I’d discover some hitherto unknown consequences. Surely this is common sense? Over-indulgence of most things is going to do some damage.

Hell, why not write an article about people getting fat after eating a shedload of unhealthy food? That’s a more important, and far more prevalent, issue than “COKE HAS LICKED MY BRAIN”.