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Freedom from Offence?

When I was 12 years old and in the seventh grade I received my first formal education in the Theory of Evolution.  While Biology was never my primary interest, I have always loved science and I soaked it all up.

There was a girl in my class named Danielle.  She came from, what I now understand, a Creationist family.  She had frequently displayed annoyance at the discussion of evolution since we started studying the theory.  I learned of her attitude when I, and a few others were sitting in the school’s resource center during the lunch period during which I had been working on a Biology assignment.  I asked Danielle (not knowing about her family’s convictions at the time) if she had completed the assignment.

She replied, “I don’t have to do it!  My parents called the school.  We don’t believe in Evolution.  We’re Christians.”

I’ll summarize the ensuing discussion.  I was not sure what to make of this.  I had never heard of someone getting out of school work for being Christian.  I tried to ask why she could not be a Christian and study evolution, since I was pretty sure that most of our classmates were doing both.  However, she was adamant.  She said with certainty, “We did not.  Evolve.  From.  Monkeys!”

I had never experienced such an attitude to science before.  I told her that she was really missing out and that such a stance would harm her in the long run.She objected, citing her faith as well as her personal disgust with the idea of being a monkey.I tired to explain that she should really follow what is taught in school and that there is no reason she can not also be a Christian, but one of the aides in that room suddenly snatched the simple taxonomic chart I was pointing at and crumpled it into a ball.She then moved me to the other side of the room and told me to leave Danielle alone.

Later that week, I was sitting at one of the picnic tables with two of my friends during lunch.I was talking about one of our recent lessons in evolution because they did not understand it as well as I did and asked me to clarify.

During the next period, I was pulled out of class and reported to the front office where I was addressed privately by both the principal and the vice-principal.They said that Danielle had lodged a complaint about me that day.Apparently, she had been sitting nearby and overheard my conversation regarding evolution.They told me I that I needed to be “more aware of the differing opinions around me’ and to not talk about certain things if it might upset someone.

I was twelve-years-old, I was just relieved that the faculty was not going to call my parents or give me detention.It was not until several years later upon reflection that I realized the hypocrisy of their actions.Anything can be viewed as offensive if your criteria of what constitutes offensive material is that which you perceive as contrary to your religion or culture.Are we supposed to walk on eggshells around each other unless we all have the same views?Or maybe it is better if we don’t associate with others at all.

This is JRChadwick.

When I first came to YouTube, the activities reached no further than that medium.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the thousands of us from all over the planet who have come together with purposes reaching farther than I could have ever expected.

I never expected to become a blogger.  Especially not one associated with musicians, a lawyer, an Astrophysicist, a Biologist, and a teacher.  I do not have any such title.  I am a computer major and a math tutor.  My educational goals have been delayed by several events I won’t get into, but I still plan to transfer to the University of California Davis under their B.S. degree program of Computer Science and Engineering.

I am not sure exactly what I will blog on.  I do have a varied set of interests.  I can probably whip out something interesting on health and fitness, cooking, or PC repair.  I’ll see what inspires me!

I have given some thought as to the purpose of people like me in this venue.  What I mean by people like me, are individuals who lack the education of AronRa, AndromedasWake, Thunder00t, etc. however we still accept real science and work to both promote and defend it from those who wish to undermine it for their own religious and political agenda and send us back into the dark ages.  And I really mean that.  If the Creationists ever were to win, that is exactly what we would have; another dark age.

Anyway, the point of the “everyman’s” anti-Creationism videos that I think is under valued is that they help refute the “Evil Evolutionist Conspiracy” card.  You do not need to be a trained scientist to either debunk Creationism or have a modest understanding of science.  I am here to prove that we are not simply putting blind faith in “Evolutionism” because we just hate God… or what ever psychological projection Kirk Cameron, NephilimFree, or theanswersofnwo3 are trying to plug.

Well, that’s it for my first post.  I look forward to what this newest venue.  I would like to thank AndromedasWake and CosmicSpork for their hard work in making this website a fast success.  And I would also like to thank the hundreds of people out there who have put their trust in me.  Thank you for reading, once again, my name is JRChadwick.

P.S. Don’t worry, I won’t end every post with that line, I just thought it was a nice reference to my channel!