Cowardly votebotters caught in the act again

Thanks go out to Thunderf00t for another eye-opening video of votebot statistics. Recently, some of the most well-subscribed channels have faced a collective 60,000+ one star votes! Those creationists are pretty damn scared alright!

Whilst we’re all trying to come up with definite solutions, I’ll keep supporting Thunderf00t’s original idea. Rate! Try rating a video every single time you watch it. Only a fraction of viewers rate, but if the numbers of ratings were similar to the numbers of views, votebotters would have to work an awful lot harder to have any effect. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you rate, and no one is encouraging you to rate 5 stars just because the censors will rate 1. You should rate as you feel appropriate. It’s the number of real human votes that will determine the effect of the votebot. We all forget to rate sometimes though, so why not put up a little annotation at the beginning of your videos reminding people?

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