Multiple Conversions – The quest for Sanity and Security.

The saga that is TheWoodsOfJordan on YouTube has come to a temporary lull with his announced conversion and temporary leave of absence from said site.

He has been a controversial character since he first came onto the YT scene.

Originally preaching a message generated by an internal Christ that was clearly representative of his internal demons he was ridiculed and loathed by many.

Recently he announced his deconversion from Christianity to Atheism. Just the other day he posted a video.

To the dismay of many, atheist and theist alike; he stated his intentions to become a Mormon.

We tend to forget that there is a person behind the YouTube facade. Their hopes, failures, dreams; what they suffer is often not dissimilar to our own trials and wants.

I have never done a video involving Jordon.

I instantly recognized him for what he was. A person whose internal pain and conflict caused him to lash out at those around him in a horrific fashion. I see no point in debating the psychically crippled.

In those few months where he questioned his beliefs and contemplated a life as a non-theist he seems to have achieved a measure of calm and a grace of character that will hopefully remain and sustain him.

I understand the need for a show of strength and unquestioning resolve in the fight for Atheists’ Rights against the dominant forces of Theism in the world today.

But sometimes disengaging from the battle and seeking a more modest approach is the wiser course.

Sometimes it is necessary to look past the surface into the deeper waters where the similarity of our experiences reflect back.

Because that recognition will go much further towards achieving the bedrock of a mutual respect and coexistence regardless of differences of belief.

For the moment, consider how fortunate Jordan is.

He has the opportunity to reach out at any moment of the day, and connect with people of radically different beliefs.

People who will happily share their views, opinions and friendship with him.

In time, hopefully he will develop the strength of character and confidence in self to recognize that he can stand firm in his beliefs, even if he must stand alone.

This is TheTruePooka, writing to you from Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

And I find it especially fitting considering the content of this blog that I remind everyone;
If you find these words upsetting…


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