YouTube flagging gets out of hand

In a disgraceful example of not understanding how to interpret their own guidelines, YouTube has suspended dprjones without proper cause. dprjones was an awesome YouTuber and his voice will be missed there. His public dismantling of the PCS situation was awesome to watch. This is a sad day for him, us and YouTube itself. Pathetic flagging campaigns need to be met with a correct interpretation and screening processes by YouTube. On a positive note, dpr is a member of the “League Of Reason” and will be able to continue his activities here and on his channel.
dprjones assisted Thunderf00t in his DMCA battle with PCS and also assisted me when I was the recipient of a dishonest DMCA claim against a creationism debunking series. His activities to combat votebotting and flagging campaigns are legendary. In keeping with the “War on ignorance” theme, I put this little piece together as a tribute to a fallen comrade.

Downfall of dprjones

Hopefully, YouTube will see the error of it’s ways. If it fails to prevent these situations arising and continues to allow censorship to become a valid form of argument, it will fade into obscurity due to a lack of relevancy.


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