False flagging.

Hi everyone,
I don’t have much to say about this other than until it gets sorted, I’m really disinclined to post any more vids on youtube. Fucked if I’m going to go to all that effort when just a few pussies can click a few buttons and have the video, or my whole channel, taken down.
I can only encourage people to follow the advice that DonExodus2 lays out in his new video “Recent Events” (check his channel page – or mine, I’ve got it mirrored in my feature spot). Youtube aren’t going to give a shit about this until they get pressure from outside.

Remember – let’s not be deluded into thinking that WE are youtube’s customers. We are NOT. We are youtube’s PRODUCT. We are the audience that they sell to their true customers, the ADVERTISERS. And really – they couldn’t give a shit if we all leave.
But perhaps they WILL give a shit when they get pressure from organisations such as the BBB, as DonExodus2 is suggesting as a course of action.

Anyway, as someone who as put a fair bit of effort into this whole youtube thing, and has thankfully NOT been falsely flagged yet, I really encourage the community to find ways to make youtube WANT or NEED to act on these issues.

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