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Open letter to TheAtheistAntidote (Brock Lawley)

What does it tell you that you have to delete my comment?

What should it tell me? You, and other theists, need to realise that when we put up good arguments against you guys and they are deleted, or ignored and the topic gets changed, or bulldozed right through with your fingers in your ears, – what else can we draw from that other than that you have no sensible refutation? And that we’re correct in our assertions? Seriously, it’s like getting an ‘A’ on a term paper.

I’ll tell you again – you have no idea of what an atheist is. You think you’ve been misrepresented by Antybu’s videos? Watch your own, and like I say – listen to what you say after the words “Atheists are…”. How many times do you need to be told? – what you say after those words is almost always WRONG. Yet you somehow ignore correction and soldier on.

You do not know what an atheist is, or how we atheists think, or do, or care about, or want. You have no idea about me, my girlfriend, her parents, the guy who works at the 7-11 store near my house, or the guy who drove my bus home yesterday. The only thing that you DO know about me and other atheists is that we are not convinced of the existence of Yahweh or any of the other deities history has noted. And you think it’s ok to make things up about us based on that? Slander us for not being convinced by what to you is sufficient evidence for Yahweh if you want, but do NOT make up lies about us as you please.

You’re not remarkable in that you do make up rubbish about us, what is remarkable about you is that you are completely impervious to correction. You are not only ignorant, but willfully so. And that, if there was such a thing as sin, would certainly be high amongst them.

If you don’t want me to pwn you on your own comments page, so much that you had to delete my last comment, then you’d better block me, because I will continue to call you on your willful misrepresentations and slanderous lies as long as you keep making them. In fact I made a thinly-veiled response video to you, but didn’t mention you by name so as to avoid giving you any undeserved publicity amongst my 17,000 subs, and the 20,000 views the video had within the first three days. I’ve linked to it at the bottom of this message. I thoroughly take your worldview and assertions to task – you’ll enjoy it, it will give you something new to utterly ignore. Just be sure to put your fingers in your ears and start saying “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA” before the page opens.

Shame on you, Brock, for remaining willfully ignorant about who and what atheists are. The corrections that fill your video comments contain an awful, awful lot that you could learn from- in that they’re written by atheists, telling you what atheists actually think! And you completely ignore them!!!
Like I say – these videos that you’ve had made against you are nothing more than you reaping what you’ve been sowing. I could not imagine a better case of poetic justice.


False flagging.

Hi everyone,
I don’t have much to say about this other than until it gets sorted, I’m really disinclined to post any more vids on youtube. Fucked if I’m going to go to all that effort when just a few pussies can click a few buttons and have the video, or my whole channel, taken down.
I can only encourage people to follow the advice that DonExodus2 lays out in his new video “Recent Events” (check his channel page – or mine, I’ve got it mirrored in my feature spot). Youtube aren’t going to give a shit about this until they get pressure from outside.

Remember – let’s not be deluded into thinking that WE are youtube’s customers. We are NOT. We are youtube’s PRODUCT. We are the audience that they sell to their true customers, the ADVERTISERS. And really – they couldn’t give a shit if we all leave.
But perhaps they WILL give a shit when they get pressure from organisations such as the BBB, as DonExodus2 is suggesting as a course of action.

Anyway, as someone who as put a fair bit of effort into this whole youtube thing, and has thankfully NOT been falsely flagged yet, I really encourage the community to find ways to make youtube WANT or NEED to act on these issues.